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Who Is Custom Marble Design & Why Should You Work With Us?

Custom Marble Design, with over 20 years of experience in the Chicago area, is your trusted source for premium kitchen and bathroom countertops. We specialize in crafting exquisite designs using a variety of high-quality materials such as quartz, granite, and marble. Our extensive slab selection and array of colors ensure you’ll find the perfect interior design solution, all backed by our track record of thousands of completed projects and delighted clients who continue to choose us for their countertop needs.

Why is Custom Marble Design different from other countertop companies?

We differentiate ourselves from other countertop companies by offering an All-in-One – Slab Material Selection & Design, Fabrication & Installation.
Unlike our competitors, our company provides a comprehensive range of services, eliminating the need for our customers to hire multiple contractors for their various needs.

Top-Quality Materials & Vast Color Selection

At our countertop fabrication studio, we take pride in using only the finest, top-quality materials like quartz, granite, and marble to ensure every countertop we create is built to last and exudes timeless elegance. Additionally, our vast color selection ensures you’ll find the perfect hue and pattern to complement your unique style and elevate your space.

Client Satisfaction & Friendly Customer Service

Professionalism is the cornerstone of our countertop design center. We are committed to ensuring client satisfaction by delivering exceptional craftsmanship and tailored solutions. With our friendly and attentive customer service team, we aim to provide a warm and inviting experience that fosters trust and long-lasting relationships with our valued clients.

What Are The Most Popular Countertops?

Among the most popular countertops today, quartz, granite, marble, ceramic, porcelain, and soapstone stand out as reigning favorites. They are celebrated for their unmatched durability, minimal maintenance requirements, and the wide variety of available colors and patterns. This selection effortlessly combines style and practicality, establishing them as fundamental features in modern kitchens and bathrooms.

We Offer A Selection Of Custom Made Countertops That Can Be Fit To Your Specific Kitchen & Bathroom Design

quartz table
Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops, known for their exceptional durability and versatile design options, have become a popular choice for both kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite Kitchen Countertops
Granite Countertops

Granite countertops, celebrated for their natural elegance, durability, and versatility, enhance both kitchens and bathrooms beautifully and reliably.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops, synonymous with luxury and sophistication, grace kitchens and bathrooms with their timeless beauty and distinctive veining.

Ceramic Countertops

Ceramic countertops, valued for their versatility and affordability, offer a wide range of design options to suit various tastes and budgets.

Silestone Countertops

Silestone countertops, prized for their sleek modern aesthetic and exceptional durability, enhance both kitchens and bathrooms with the charm.

Caesarstone Countertops

Caesarstone countertops, cherished for their unique matte finish, rustic allure, and natural heat resistance, bring character and durability to kitchens.


What Is Our Mission and Approach?

At the forefront of the Chicagoland countertops industry, our mission as the most popular company is to deliver top-quality countertops.

Our approach is built on three core principles: unwavering craftsmanship, extensive customization, and an unyielding commitment to our customers.


We take immense pride in our precise craftsmanship, offering an array of design options that cater to the unique preferences of our Chicagoland clients.

In every project, whether it’s granite, quartz, marble, or any other material, we place our clients’ needs at the forefront, forging lasting relationships built on trust and excellence.

Within the dynamic Chicagoland area, we aren’t just a countertops company; we are the architects of transformative and enduring spaces.

What Makes Custom Marble Design’s Countertop Process a Stress-Free Journey?

Custom Marble Design take pride in our seamless process, meticulously crafted to guide you from concept to completion. Our approach ensures that your countertop project, whether it’s for your kitchen or bathroom, is a stress-free and satisfying experience.

Consultation and Selection

Initial customer consultation to discuss needs, preferences, and budget. Selection of countertop material, color, and design. Measurements and template creation for precise fit.


Design and Fabrication

We customize countertop designs collaboratively, fabricating materials to exact specifications, and rigorously checking for quality assurance to meet our high standards.

Installation and Inspection

Removal of existing countertop (if any) and preparation of the workspace. Professional installation of the new countertop with precision and care. Final inspection and customer satisfaction evaluation.

Elevate Your Home with Stunning Fireplaces Solutions

Discover our comprehensive range of fireplace production and installation services, offering modern and popular designs tailored to your preferences, along with custom design options, and a diverse selection of materials to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your home.

The Latest Trends!


Elevate your living space with the timeless elegance of our new marble fireplaces, a stunning addition to bring warmth and sophistication to your home.


Transform your space with our exquisite stone tiles, offering a touch of natural beauty and durability that enhances the ambiance of any room.


Enhance your kitchen or bathroom with our tile backsplash solutions, adding a stylish and practical element that elevates the aesthetics of your space.

Client Testimonials

Explore the voices of our valued clients as they generously share their stories and experiences, shedding light on the quality and excellence that defines our services.

The whole process was fantastic, from the initial call to the measurement. Choosing materials at the Custom Marble showroom was a breeze and immersive, and the installation was quick and seamless. Overall, you guys definitely deserve a 5-star rating, and I highly recommend your services to all my friends and family.

Sandra Long


I’m not typically one to leave reviews, but I must confess that I often rely on others’ feedback when making decisions about choosing vendors. With numerous decisions to make during our kitchen remodel, my husband and I did make a few missteps along the way. However, choosing Custom Marble was certainly not one of them.

Milena Aguilar


Bojan, I want to express my sincere appreciation to your dedicated team for their outstanding work. They not only delivered on every promise but also completed the project with impressive timeliness. My heart is filled with joy as I admire my new kitchen, which has become a space I genuinely adore. Highly recommend you to others.

Andera Cohen

Lake Geneva

Our experience with your company exceeded our expectations and we really appreciated it. The process was straightforward, and the Custom Marble showroom was a highlight. The installation team did a fantastic job, and we are thrilled with the transformation of our space. We will be singing your praises to everyone we know.

Maria Solana


I want to convey my heartfelt appreciation to Custom Marble Design. My wife and I found ourselves in a financial bind, yet the finishing touch we needed for our flipped house was new kitchen and bathroom countertops. Your swift, efficient service, and, most importantly, your incredibly affordable prices, truly saved the day for us. Cheers!

Owen Banker


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